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Inclusive youth party

Дата: 23.12.2017

Whatever adults we are, in our soul there is always a small dream - to get into a fairy tale. Before the New Year holidays "Rodyna" Social Rehabilitation Centre turns into a magical Universe, which flashes by thousands of lights and attracts to itself.

On December 23, 2017, the "Inclusive youth party" was held for the first time, for people with disabilities. During the event, many young men and women, regardless of their health, had fun together.

The United World Cultures Foundation could not stay away and added to the holiday amazing atmosphere with gifts, sweets and a wonderful performance of the clown Ponchyk. The public organization “Rodyna”, received the New Year gifts from the UWC Charity Foundation: an electric kettle and a set of towels.

An inclusive party is an example of the synergy of society, business and media in case of the Inter TV channel, for the development of an inclusive society in Ukraine, in which everyone will feel safe and comfortable.

Funny, funny clown Ponchyk, entertained with the show program and created Christmas mood. But the main task of the clown was to introduce the guests to each other, because it is the lack of experience of interaction between different categories of people that prevents to struggle with stereotypes and prejudices that exist in society with respect to different people, including with disabilities.

The incredible musical gift from Tatyana Kolesnik and Andrey Dyadchenko - the guitar songs, competitions, dances was amazing.

Special gratitude to the volunteers: Ekaterina Khomenko, Anastasia Rafalskaya, Victoria Fomina, Alexandra Vlasova, Natalia Poltavka from the “Yaotradny” group, Ane Neboruk and Olya, the second year student of the National Pedagogical Drahomanov University and the volunteer of the UWC Charitable Foundation - Kateryna Knyshuk.

"The United World Cultures Foundation expresses sincere and deep gratitude to all who took part in the organization of the party. This year we have experienced many turning points, which will certainly remain in our memory. Let the New Year bring us new strengths to realize the most ambitious plans and achievements. Thank you for being and staying with us. Happiness, health and prosperity to you and your families!", - Elena Kobets, director of the UWC charitable foundation, congratulated and presented gifts.