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Game Therapy and dolls amulets in IPOG

Date: May, 2019

In the bloom of spring flowers, May comes to earth and brings the best holiday - Mother's Day.

Traditionally, for the third year, on this occasion, the United World Cultures Foundation under the project “Health Protection of Mother and Child. Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology under the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” visited the Children's Department of the Institute to give emotional support to mothers from all over Ukraine. And boys and girls to charge with game therapy and juices from the Kiev City Charitable Foundation “FoodBank”.

The festive mood of the mothers and children created musical congratulations of the folk music ensemble "Pervotsvit" of the Kyiv Children's Art School № 2 named by M. Verikivsky under the leadership of Julia Gershtun. Such a surprise fairly touched the present mothers and pregnant women.

Popular outdoor games are very interesting for children, as well as extremely useful. These games, as a method of education, teach them to control their body and movements, to obey and accept the rules of the game, develop their imagination. Emotional involvement of an adult is especially important in folk games.

After the fun, children with their mothers went to the “corner of goodness”, this is a special place - a room where children have the opportunity to study and be distracted from hospital worries.

Craftswoman Victoria taught children and mothers the traditions of making dolls-amulets.

It was creative, interesting to everyone - both mothers and children. They did everything together – “motanka” dolls at the master class and played together, dressed up and took pictures and enjoyed with delicious juice!

Mothers were surprised and delighted with the congratulations and anxiously thanked the Foundation staff not only for this surprise, but also for the work that the UWCF Charitable Foundation does for their children.

The little patients of the institution gave their own “motanka” dolls to mothers and thanked them for their genuine love and daily care, especially during illness.