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"Grand Prix Kyiv 2017" - grace, beauty and nobility

We perceive children as an invaluable gift from God, pinning our hopes that they will grow up good, talented, healthy. This is the future of any state, any nation, because it all starts with them.

The United World Cultures Foundation is engaged in the care of children, especially young talents, within the framework of the "Genii of the Future" program, the goal of which is to notify, reveal and support the child's creative and individual abilities. The Grand Prix is a separate program of the fund, which is aimed at the development and promotion of ballet art.

The National Opera of Ukraine hosted this amazing cultural event. Young boys and girls from 10 countries of the world took part in the III International Youth Competition-Festival of Classical Dance "Grand Prix Kyiv 2017", which took place in Kyiv from March 24 to 26, 2017. All these interesting young people are very different. But they are united by one essence: they are incredibly talented.

This year the United World Cultures Foundation (UWCF) became the co-organizer of the contest-festival again. The UWCF Charitable Foundation presented each participant with teddy bears to remember about this competition!

Ballet is always associated with grace, beauty and nobility. Ballet art has gone through centuries of formation, preserving the best knowledge and traditions in the field of choreography. That is why ballet is considered a classic and the foundation for all types of dance, and those who are engaged in ballet, are models of physical and spiritual perfection, are always respected and admired.

In each performance, we saw flashes of children's talents, dexterous and confident, timid and shy, and paid much attention to each of them.

Director of the Foundation Olena Kobets, addressing to the contestants, said: "Grand Prix Kyiv 2017 is rich in young talents. You have demonstrated an incredibly high level of skills. And regardless of who was elected the winner, know that a great future awaits you all, because the scene of the Grand Prix Kyiv festival is the beginning of a great creative path to world recognition. I hope that the days you spent in Kyiv will remain in your memory for a long time! "

Each of us is called to do good, good feelings are deeply rooted in our childhood, and humanity, kindness, caress, benevolence appears in the child’s heart when he sees and feels it from the people around him.

We thank the sponsor of the competition-festival "Grand Prix Kyiv 2017", the French brand of hand-made jewelry Les Nereides, whose representatives having set aside many worries and problems, came to support the talented teenagers. Les Nereides always admires the beauty of classical dance, where young dancers demonstrate their skills, and in every possible way support talented young people. Representatives of Les Nereides presented pleasant jewelry surprises to the winners of the III International Youth Competition-Festival of Classical Dance "Grand Prix Kiev 2017". And the winners were: Aldona Budni (Germany), Lobkin Roman (Ukraine), Fabien Hott (Germany) - 3 prize; Nakanishi Erina (Japan) and Kulish Tatiana (Ukraine) - 2nd prize; Harut Goto (Germany), Maevsky Vsevolod (Ukraine), Ilnitskaya Anastasia (Ukraine) - 1 prize; Grand Prix of the competition - Panchenko Alexandra (Ukraine, Kyiv State Choreographic School). Also, two participants of the competition - Partington Katharina and Philip Arnttsent – got gifts from Les Nereides. Who knows, maybe Les Nereides jewelry will inspire young people to improve their strength, dexterity, grace, coordination and flexibility in order to discover the new Maya Plisetskaya and Vladimir Malakhov.


The French brand of jewelry Les Nereides has long received the cult status. And it is completely justified, because these products are distinguished by a special style. The epithets "refined," "elegant," "romantic" are best suited to describe it. Today, Les Nereides jewelry can be bought in a network of boutiques that are located in different countries, like France, Great Britain, Belgium, USA, Australia, Italy, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong. In Ukraine, these wonderful jewelry stores were opened in 2013. These are the first boutiques of the famous French brand on the territory of Eastern Europe and CIS countries.

Of course, the main winner of the contest, the winner of the Grand Prix prize Panchenko Alexandra, received the greatest amount of gifts. It is for her All-Ukrainian magazine "Ukrainian People" has prepared special prizes, including a photo session and an exclusive interview. The founder and editor-in-chief of the All-Ukrainian magazine «Ukrainian People», organizer and ideological leader of the «Hope of the Nation» contest Tatyana Petrakova, awarded Alexandra. Tatyana noted: "Children are not only the future, but eternal continuation on our land! That is why the realities in which we will be tomorrow depend on the values that we lay in our children today. "

The UWCF Charitable Foundation thank the Ukrainian People and personally Tatyana Petrakova for warm words of congratulations to the participants of the III International Youth Competition-Festival of Classical Dance "Grand Prix Kyiv 2017" and presents to the winner.

We express our deep gratitude for your mercy and decency. You are making a great charitable contribution to our future - children! Let's hope that all children's dreams will come true, talents will flourish, and the UWCF Charity Foundation will help them.

Do good and make a mark for many years, and maybe even centuries!