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1000 Years from the Capital: How Zhytomyr’s Citizens Visited the Kyivan Rus Park

Date: August-September 2020

The charity project “Active Leisure” of the UWCF’s program “Let’s Improve Children’s Lives” has organized very interesting and meaningful trip to the past and present for 97 members of the Children’s Public Organization Vse Robymo Sami (“We Do It All by Ourselves”). Two groups of 47 and 50 people visited the Kyivan Rus Park in late August and early September 2020.

Energy Media helped the dreams of young citizens of Zhytomyr come true. “This is not only an opportunity to have a good time, but also to become better people, to share kindness with others, because even small actions can change someone’s life and be helpful, and at the same time make us happy”, commented the representatives of Energy Media.

“UWCF, together with Energy Media, invited children to visit the Kyivan Rus Park: members of Vse Robymo Sami, a Choir of Generations and the students of Zhytomyr Technological College of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. An interesting story about life in Kyivan Rus, a souvenir photo, procession of princes and boyars, a battle of archers on horseback – all this and much more could be seen and felt by the guests of the park. And there was even a queue for those who wanted to press themselves against the healing stone of Veles and recharge with some positive energy. The Children’s Public Organization Vse Robymo Sami sincerely thanks UWCF, Energy Media, personally Liudmyla Lysenko and Yaroslava Tokar for providing tickets to the Park and incredible emotions experienced by our organization members”, posted his comment Bohdan Kupchynskii, head of ZhCCPO Vse Robymo Sami, having shared a picture from the excursion.

Such events are informative and interesting; they instill a sense of pride for the history of own country.