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How to withstand when trouble comes?

Date: December 11, 2018

Diabetes is the crafty and most common endocrine disease in the world. "Sweet" disease or diabetes is ranked third in the world for prevalence after cardiovascular and oncological diseases. More than one million and two hundred thousand diabetics are officially registered in Ukraine (this number is increasing every year), and only half of them receive proper treatment.

There are 55 amputations of the lower extremities are performed for diabetic foot syndrome every hour in the world. Any surgical intervention requires additional rehabilitation measures. Amputation of the limb against the background of complicated diabetes is considered a frequent phenomenon. Removing the leg, and in some cases both, can save lives, but leads to the need to learn to exist without limbs. The success of the rehabilitation period largely depends on the quality of the wheelchair, its dimensions and design. The mood of the patient also affects the rate of return to normal life.

Problems of people with disabilities are one of the priority directions of the "Walking To The Health Land" program of the United World Cultures Foundation.

Head of the Kompanievka District Council (Kirovograd region) Vadim Spiktarenko seeks to ease the lives of people who for some reason are limited in their movements, and therefore invited to hold a special event "Special transport for people with disabilities" of the program "Walking To The Health Land" of the Charity Foundation "United World Cultures" and the International Charitable Foundation "Promoting the Development of Medicine" and provide two free wheelchairs for the residents of the Kompanievka District, people with diabetes, aimed at improving life.

"There are registered people in the Kompanievka district who are suffering from diabetes. For many people, limb amputation becomes a turning point in the mind, so a wheelchair that is selected will encourage people to go in for sports or actively travel," said Vadim Spikartarenko, Head of the Company's District Council (Kirovograd region).

Society should know and understand how to be when a person with diabetes is nex, how to provide first aid with hypo- or hyperglycemia and how to save lives. In addition, the action "Special transport for people with disabilities" of the program "Walking To the Health Land" of the United World Cultures Foundation and the International Charitable Foundation "Promotion of the Development of Medicine" call: to be united, to communicate, to support, help each other and be one big family!