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UWCF Takes Part In a Fun Fair

Date: 31.08-01.09.2019

For two days in a row, 31 August-1 September 2019, the Contract Square (Kontraktova Ploshcha) in Kyiv had become a large and quite notable trading area – the Big Podil Fun Fair “Kyivski Kontrakty” (“Kyiv Contracts”). Our team has also taken part in the event, offering the service of blood pressure measurement, as well as giving recommendations for the correct measurement technique.

The team of UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” had joined the Big Podil Fun Fair “Kyiv Contracts” with the initiative of blood pressure measurement.

The program is aimed at inculcating good habits and healthy lifestyle in children and the young, for they grow up and become managers of their own health.

Hypertension is not only the most common, but also probably one of the most insidious diseases; it can slowly undermine a person’s health, affecting his or her heart and blood vessels, and one day develop into a stroke or heart attack. The UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land” is gradually introducing the habit of blood pressure measurement into the daily life.

After such really intensive learning and practice at the “Kyiv Contracts” Fair, children went home with changed psychological attitude toward own health: day-to-day control of blood pressure comes first.

Our team was assisted by Yulia Kordiuk, the 3rd year student of Medical Faculty No. 3, Pediatrics Department, at the Bogomolets National Medical University, who was addressed as “Dr. Doolittle” by the kids. Miss Yulia let children try themselves not only in the role of patients, but also as doctors.

Meanwhile, the fun fair continued. Among the general buzz, one could notice some fairy-tale characters. The volunteer Olga Donchenko used bright paints to turn girls and boys into desired fabled characters, and there walked a lot of little hares, butterflies, foxes, frogs, fairies etc.


Our country has an old tradition of fairs. People say that more than 12,000 fun fairs, although being also dedicated to good deeds, were held in various regions of Ukraine in the first half of the ХІХ century.

The Big Podil Fun Fair “Kyiv Contracts” was divided into several zones and one of them was the Charitable Foundations Alley. Apart from the UWCF’s booth, representatives of the Kyiv Youth Center prepared an interesting program with many surprises.

The rich fair’s program has drawn together performances of on-stage groups, lively dances and disco music, concerts with the participation of famous pop stars, various master classes in folk crafts side by side with modern attractions and amusements.