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UWCF Helps to Recover Strength and Energy

Date: July 31, 2019

The child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness and love, as well as be well-fed and healthy.

The Charity Fund UWCF endeavors to ensure that every person doesn’t feel left alone to face own problems and troubles, that there is always a possibility to reach out and receive support and advice. The help from the United World Cultures Foundation is meant to stimulate regaining vitality and energy.

United World Cultures Foundation have received dairy products from the Kyiv City Charity Foundation “Food Bank”: Agusha cottage cheese for babies, sour cream and farmer cheese.

The healthy dairy products were shared with UWCF volunteers and organizations patronizing multi-child and needy families, persons with disabilities and internally displaced persons:

- NGO “Zorya Donbasu”

- NGO “Natalya” Association of People with Disabilities

- “Special Life School” Charity Organization

- “AELITA” Housing Association

- volunteer Oksana Markevych (Klavdiyeve-Tarasove urban-type settlement, Borodianka District of Kyiv Region).

Dairy products are considered essential sources of vitamins and microelements for children from the first hours of life. They help a little human grow, develop and gain strength.

Our UWCF team is doing its best to make as many children happy as possible, giving them at least the minimum attention.