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“Just like me” – an atmosphere of unity

In order to popularize the ideas of social services, a charitable campaign "Just like me" was held in the Shevchenko Park in the capital on June 17, initiated by the “Rodyna” public organization (https://www.facebook.com/rodyna.org/?fref=ts). The partners of the campaign were the United World Cultures Foundation within the framework of the "Walking to the Healthland" program (https://www.facebook.com/KrainaZdorovia/), the supermarket chain "Auchan" (АШАН Таланты & Карьера https://www.facebook.com/auchantalants/?fref=mentions), student volunteers from the Bogomolets National Medical University (https://www.facebook.com/nmu.official/) . The host of the event Kostya Riki (https://www.facebook.com/costa.ricky.tv?fref=ts) and the incredibly talented guys - the 911UA band (https://www.facebook.com/911ua/?fref=ts), entertained the guests.

To date, in our country, the issue of the importance of social services for children with special needs is acute. It was with the goal of popularizing the ideas of social services that a charitable campaign "Just like me" was held in the Shevchenko Park in the capital on June 17. During the event, ordinary children together with children with severe developmental disorders or combined disorders (autism, behavioral problems, mental features) played together and communicated. By their example, children showed that we are a civilized society without restrictions for anyone.

The United World Cultures Foundation really cares for the children's destiny, therefore our cooperation with the Social and Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna" (for children with severe developmental disorders, combined disorders - autism, behavioral problems, mental retardation, etc.) has been active and creative for many years already. The "Walking to the Healthland" program of the UWCF tries every time to hold a preventive conversation about the preservation of health, arrange a holiday for them, create a good mood.

"Today we prepared many surprises for our friends. One of them was a specialized uniform for educators of the Social and Rehabilitation Center "Rodyna". It's no secret that children want to have a teacher with a pleasant appearance, elegantly dressed, neat, with attractive make-up, a fashionable hairdo and good manners. Thus, we hope that a well-chosen wardrobe will help educators not only make a favorable impression on others, but also emphasize their professional and personal qualities, " commented Olena Kobets, the director of the United World Cultures Foundation.

While adults were getting a positive energy from the 911UA band, volunteer students from the Bogomolets National Medical University were playing with the children and helped them in master classes. They also gave a lot of information about the purpose of the event and together with the volunteers of the United World Cultures Foundation invited everyone to check their blood pressure and get recommendations on its correct measurement and ways of preventing hypertension. During the examination, patients were told about possible complications and the importance of daily monitoring of blood pressure at home.

"Many people mistakenly think that the problems with arterial pressure are a matter for older people. No! This disease can also affect the child. The problem with arterial pressure in children is much more common than one might think. And in order to prevent serious consequences in the future, it is extremely important to monitor the child's condition and periodically measure his pressure, " summarized Lyudmila Lysenko, the head of the" Walking to the Healthland "program of the United World Cultures Foundation.

The "Just like me" campaign was held with the support of supermarkets "Auchan" (AUCHAN Talents & Careers). Fragrant scent of sweets and lemonade attracted people to their location, and the collected funds went to support children with disabilities.

The host of the event, Kostya Riki, gave children with physical disabilities his benevolence and optimism, and introduced new friends - guests of the event and occasional passers-by. Having united, children had fun with animators and funny dogs. Aquagrim helped to reflect the inner world of the child, an interesting conversation and the game at the tent of the UWCF with a good doctor, a balloon show and many other events created an unforgettable day for girls and boys.

The “Rodyna” public organization, the partners of the campaign, the guests of the capital, children - all sought to draw public attention to the need to implement the norms of the law on social services in practice, so that it worked for the interests of special children and adults!