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We Create Comfortable Conditions for Children: UWCF Donates 20 Wheelchairs to Okhmatdyt Hospital

Date: 18 December 2019

As you approach the premises of Okhmatdyt National Children’s Specialized Hospital you can sense that this is a reputable and serious institution, but at the same time it has a really warm family-like feel about it. Parents with little kids are the most frequent visitors to Okhmatdyt Hospital.

Our concerns at the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land” go beyond problems existing in the treatment of young patients as we also care about creating comfortable conditions for their stay in hospitals and for the work of medical staff.

It was just recently that mother and TV host Natalia Moseychuk shared a story on her page about a boy hobbling slowly on his crutches with his mum to move around the hospital site. The mum took turns in carrying him in her arms and urging him forward, and the kid was nervous while trying his best and forcing his pace to walk as quickly as he could, but still had a long way to go as the hospital site was huge and there were so many buildings…

Just before Saint Nicholas Day, a miracle happened – twenty wheelchairs were donated as a part of the joint campaign “Special Transport for People with Disabilities” of the UWF program “Walking to the Health Land” and International Charitable Fund “Contribution to Medicine Development”.

Iryna Sadoviak, Okhmatdyt’s Head Doctor, while thanking our team members for these useful gifts, said: “Your good deeds are really well timed. We wish you all the best, and good health, and inspiration”.

Our medical programs manager Lyudmyla Lysenko emphasized that those kids who arrive for treatment should not be exposed to any additional stress due to the difficulties they might experience in moving around the hospital.

After the official ceremony, the medical insititution’s head and guests had a chance to see how useful the wheelchairs were. Parents were entering the hospital’s gates with their children and were offered to use wheelchairs right away to help transport little patients.

“Every mother knows how scared kids are to go to hospital — so why not make their first steps to the facility a bit more enjoyable. I would like to sincerely thank the benefactors for this special transport – it is really convenient as my son is sitting and it is easy for me to move him around”, shares one mother who brought her son Oleksandr for a medical checkup.

From other parents’ feedback we know that the travel between the hospital’s buildings has now become more pleasant and comfortable for many kids, and good cheer helps faster recovery.