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Friends made a holiday for children of Donbass

Date: 28.03.2018

The air is full with a positive, spring, children's laughter and the impression that someone wants to have a good rest. So why not afford a bit of relaxation, because the spring holidays had started.

On March 28, 2018, the small gourmets from Donbass, living in the "Dzherelo" Pension in Puscha-Vodytsya, thanks to McDonald's catering restaurant and the United World Cultures Foundation, were able to not only have a delicious meal, but also have fun.

"Boys and girls, despite their little age, are already "children of war", they have an adult look, but they are still children who need love and care. Giving warmth and lovely Happy Meal with wonderful toys - has already become a good tradition of the McDonald's catering restaurant. We hope that one day they will invite us to their peaceful cities. And this day we tried to fill by interesting gifts. The UWC Foundation has provided useful books for children," said the organizer of the event Lyudmila Lysenko, representative of the "United World Cultures Foundation”.

Vira Reshetnyak - Zvyagintseva shares: "It is very pleasant that our children are paying attention, today - a holiday for them. Children love delicacies and I am grateful to McDonald's restaurant (Kiltseva Doroga, 14) for the welcomingly opened door for our children, Charitable Foundation "United World Cultures" for the care, for interesting gifts for children!"

"Ukrainian department of the world's largest fast-food network builds relationships with customers and gains their loyalty. Today, our entire staff of the McDonald's Unity Restaurant serves a pleasant experience and a good mood for the smallest visitors," said Denis Kudryashov, the first director of the "Unity" director. - "Youth décor with modern images creates a special atmosphere for relaxation. The new format allowed to reduce the number of cashiers, as we see, customers are served at the cash desks. You can also order and pay by cash. The issuance zone and the ticket office are within the same shelf, but at a certain distance from each other, an electronic turn and a screen with a delivery zone. McDonald's has already fully implemented such format in Poland, France and Great Britain."

Children there were impressed and had unforgettable memories after excursion. Bright memories, lots of delicacies, gifts, file travel on the superb Mercedes Sprinter bus, which was also cared by MacDonald's Ukraine.

The children felt loved, thanks to McDonald's restaurant staff, which is located at: Ring Road, 14th. You are super!

We are convinced that this favorite place for many visitors will give even more pleasant impressions in a stylish and cozy atmosphere!