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Do You Wish to Know What Happiness Is?

Date: July 2020

The UWCF’s program “Let’s Improve Children’s Lives” finally found an opportunity to visit little inmates of the “Rodyna” Social Rehabilitation Centre, having missed them a lot.

Everyone was looking forward to the lift of such a long-term quarantine; kids became very bored at home…

Returning from their short walk, little chattering and restless boys and girls were happy to meet our team and a merry clown Ponchyk with his young dog named Doll, who both prepared a fun and entertaining program for kids.

Children had a lot of fun, received many positive emotions and, of course, dairy goodies by Moloko vid Fermera (“Farm Milk”) Production and Trade Network, which were delivered by our team directly from the plant.

Children gladly took selfies with the clown Ponchyk and his dog, helped themselves to croissants and dairy products by Moloko vid Fermera TM, because is tasty and healthy!

Our foundation team expresses sincere gratitude to the clown Ponchyk and all the staff of Moloko vid Fermera TM. Thank you for the warmth and positive emotions, your care and attention to children, for the wise advice and high professionalism. You have brought a homely, cheerful atmosphere of comfort and kindness to the “Rodyna” Social Rehabilitation Centre.