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Planting Season Is Now Opened: Rijk Zwaan Donates Seeds of Own Selection to Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Centre

Date: March 2020

March and April are usually busy months: you have to prepare soil for planting seeds. In April, grown seedlings are planted in open ground seedbeds and then it is time to sow seeds of cold-season crops.

Rijk Zwaan – is a socially responsible company that is the fifth largest producer of vegetable seeds. The company’s head office is located in De Lier, the Netherlands. The world-known breeding and seed company Rijk Zwaan began its activity in Ukraine in 1998 and already in 1999 opened here a subsidiary – Rijk Zwaan Ukraine LLC. The team of Rijk Zwaan Ukraine have managed to achieve significant results and a good track record at the market of vegetable seeds for professional cultivation, as well as get worthily ranked among the top vegetable seed companies. For Rijk Zwaan, people are always the top priority, and that’s the reason why the company together with partners promotes and stimulates vegetable consumption all over the world, thus making its own contribution to the healthy future of every person.

In late March, the team of Rijk Zwaan Ukraine handed over seeds of their own selection as a donation to Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Centre located in village Nova Borova, Khoroshiv District, Zhytomyr Region, which is a home for 86 girls with special needs and disabilities (disability group II), diagnosed with mental retardation at the imbecility stage, mentally challenged, deprived of parental care, and orphan children.

The facility’s director Volodymyr Korbut looks after all the patients, with awe and father-like care. He proudly gave representatives of Rijk Zwaan Ukraine and UWCF a tour around the land plots and showed all three of the facility’s greenhouses.

In Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Centre, nearly every free minute that the children have is filled up with extracurricular activities. According to local teachers, the girls love helping them in the facility’s household plots, each group is in charge of their own seedbed where they grow particular vegetables.

“There is a doctor who monitors that the girls’ activities are within the medically permitted limits. Our patients go out for 1 or 2 hours, work in the plots and enjoy the process – they find a real pleasure in seeing lettuce or onions sprout, knowing that these are the vegetables they have once planted with own hands”, says director Volodymyr Korbut. “Of course, we don’t have hectares of land, but we can boast a bit of rich black soil where we can grow vegetables, and this helps to somewhat cheapen the cost of local meals at the facility”.

The vegetables grown in the plots are sent to the facility’s kitchen. This is a nice social project that teaches the kids to nurture and grow plants. Only the senior group works in the greenhouses – they grow seedlings of tomatoes, cabbages, aubergines, and other vegetables, under professional supervision. The middle and junior groups of girls have excursions to the greenhouses.

We hope this year food shelves of the children’s residential care centre will be filled with the rich variety of vegetables provided by Rijk Zwaan Ukraine, and the local girls will learn to take care of a new melon field where they plan to grow melons and water melons.