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Donbass Families in Quarantine

Date: May 2020

The campaign “Children of War and Quarantine”, as part of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”, helps residents to replenish their home first-aid kits.

At the beginning of the announced quarantine, the campaign team handed over a sedative with vitamins B6 and PP amounting to UAH 48,960.00 to NGO “Pereborennia” (“Overcoming”) Avdiivka City Association of People with Disabilities (Avdiivka, Donetsk Region), as well as to residents of the villages of Krasnogorivka, Orlivka and Lastochkyne (Yasynuvata District of Donetsk Region).

Medications will help families to cope with difficult stressful situations, reduce nervous tension, and overcome anxiety and insomnia.