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Develop Children through Play

Date: March 2021

Referring to various scientific studies, psychologists say that children develop and learn best through play. Children’s games support and strengthen the central nervous system. In the course of a game, a child learns to control their body, develops feelings, learns what feelings and emotions are and how to express and control them, develops the ability to think and use imagination, and learns to build relationships with others – children and adults – and to behave in society.

The today’s world of information and gadgets offers too many possible options for a useful pastime for your child, however, full immersion in virtual reality can significantly affect the child’s psyche and cause a feeling of loneliness. Parents who wish to raise a well-developed and psychologically healthy child should find a balance between games, study, watching cartoons on a tablet or other gadget and tactile games in reality. It is important to spend time with your child on communication, playing games, walking together, taking them to sports training, as well as involve children in the help around the house and joint rest.

Developmental and educational board games will help to interest and distract a child from gadgets. There are individual and group board games, which is very convenient for family leisure, as well as for playing in kindergartens or schools during extracurricular activities.

Charity Fund UWCF, within the framework of the program “Let’s Improve Children’s Lives”, helps to equip children’s leisure areas and renew educational and developmental materials in children’s institutions. For example, the Fund has recently donated board games for children and adolescents to the youth center in Kleban-Byk village of the Illinivka Village Council (Donetsk Region) and to the charity institution “Special School-Life”, where children with special needs study (Kyiv).

Give your children time and attention, play with them. This will help your children grow up as harmoniously developed personalities!