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Do You Know that Some School Subjects Are Elective?

Most of us know that the American secondary education system is really flexible and allows children to independently choose 50% of subjects. However, not all parents are aware that the current list of subjects in our national school curriculum is not that dogmatic either. Quite frequently families face a situation when a child finds it difficult or just does not like to study a particular subject. Having such a subject on the class timetable is not a verdict or a reason to force your child to study it, because there is a chance to replace the undesirable course with another one.

According to the listing of subjects studied at Ukrainian educational institutions of I-III levels, courses are divided into compulsory and elective. Irrespective of the school, a child has subjects that are required for studying and approved by the Ministry of Education (compulsory part of the curriculum) and those independently chosen by a particular school (elective part). Subjects like Biology, Ukrainian Literature, History, and Geography are basic and compulsory, whereas, for example, Ethics, Religion Studies or Fundamentals of Health and Safety remain to be elected by the school administration and discussed with parents. If so decided by parents, these subjects may be substituted for some other courses from the elective part’s list.

The school administration offers parents several subjects to choose out of the elective part, and it is up to parents to pick up the subject on the list which they think their child is most inclined to.

After the subject is approved, the school principal annually reports about it to the Department of Education (submits it for approval). The Department of Education, together with the respective school principal, need then to find an appropriate specialist and ensure children are taught the chosen subject.

Be aware, and help children enjoy the learning process!

You can find more information in the Law of Ukraine “On General Secondary Education”, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 462 dd. 20 April 2011 “On Approval of the State Standard for Elementary General Education”, as well as on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.