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Gifts for the Khmelnytskyi Comprehensive Primary and Secondary School No. 32

Date: December 2020

The UWCF’s program “Let’s Improve Children’s Lives” provides regular help to children with special needs that are brought up in residential institutions and that are raised by their parents.

UWCF helps both individual families and educational institutions that educate children with disabilities. Among such institutions is the Khmelnytskyi Specialized Comprehensive School No. 32 where children of socially disadvantaged categories study, including those having the status of children with disabilities, orphans deprived of parental care, children from large and low-income families.

The teachers of the Khmelnytskyi Special Comprehensive School No. 32 appealed to the team of the program “Nebaiduzha” (“Caring”) (Channel 5) with a request to help children, namely to attract caring, like-minded people, volunteers and unite them around the idea. The team of the United World Cultures Foundation was one of the first to respond to the call of the journalist and public figure Olena Tsarenko.

According to the director of the Charity Fund UWCF, Olena Kobets, thanks to the joint UWCF and the Ukrainian Coordination Centre for Raising Legal Awareness, with the support of the State Enterprise Centre for the Protection of Ukraine’s Information Space, project entitled “Volunteering: from Awareness to Action”, more than 100 children with special needs received books, for example, “Interesting Facts about Ukrainian Language”, “Outstanding Ukrainians”, “History of Ukraine”. Moreover, UWCF donated puzzles and educational games for fine motor skills of hands, as well as board games for leisure after studying.

The news piece about the help provided was aired on Channel 5 as part of the social project “Nebaiduzha” with Larysa Hubina as the presenter; the TV program was entitled “Psychiatry Reform. Survival of People with Mental Disabilities”.

Join us in making good deeds, and make at least one child happy!