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UWCF Gives Children Yoghurts and Curd Snacks

Date: February 2020

United World Cultures Foundation has received 1,096 drinking yoghurts and 657 strawberry-flavoured curd snacks donated by Charitable Foundation FOODBANK. Total value of the donated foodstuffs is UAH 25,920.


Kyiv City Charitable Foundation FOODBANK – is a foundation with the mission to fight hunger. The foundation’s team cooperate with food producers – they receive fresh food products in batches donated for charity. The foundation does not directly distribute donated foodstuffs to socially vulnerable groups, but instead it engages charitable, non-profit and non-governmental organizations that take care of such people in need and can ensure proper control over the target use of donations. UWCF is also one of these partner organizations.

We have handed over most of the donated food to charitable institution “Special School-Life”. This is an organization where children with autistic spectrum of development and similar emotional and volitional disorders get their studies and rehabilitation. The team currently take care of nearly 120 families who raise disabled children or youth.

We have allocated the other part of dairy products for the event “Da Vinci: Different Perspective”. It took place on 1 February at Parkovy Kyiv International Convention Center that offered enough space for all necessary locations, including the area to hold the contest “Drawing Like Da Vinci”. More than 60 children from Taras Shevchenko State Art School participated in the contest. Every young contestant received a package of yoghurts as a gift – children need calcium and bifidus bacteria for their body’s proper development. We also gave some milk presents to little guests who came to the event.