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Not a Day Goes By Without Good Deeds

Date: June 2020

If you do the math and count all the good deeds implemented under the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land”, there won’t be enough pages to cover them in newspapers.

“This day has brought us a real and very welcome surprise”, says with a warm smile Tetiana, a mother from Liubompl, Volyn, in a telephone conversation. “It happened so that our son Epifanii needed a brace (orthosis). When I saw the announcement on the Facebook page of group “STO Yizhachok” that United World Cultures Foundation was ready to donate an orthosis for a child, I had no idea that we would have such a wonderful surprise. We were genuinely surprised and overwhelmed with emotions when we received the parcel and found there more than just the orthosis but also plenty of gifts for all four of my kids. There were so many kind words the children said that day to express their gratitude to UWCF”.

All beneficiaries appreciate our help and we look to the future with optimism because this world is full of kind people, and if we all join our efforts and pool our resources, there is no fight we can’t win!