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Dairy Products: Tasty and Healthy

Date: October 2019

Milk and dairy products can offer more than just a good taste. Milk – just like other products of animal origin – contains a lot of compounds important to a human body for maintaining its normal condition. In particular, these are essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins, including vitamin В12 that is not present in any plant foods, and many other substances. Milk may reportedly help prevent obesity and has positive effects on bones. Of most benefit, dairy products are for children because they still grow and so need more energy and “building materials”.

United World Cultures Foundation has made a small gift to young students of the charitable institution “Special School-Life” by handing over dairy products for the total amount of UAH 4, 863. These products were donated by Kyiv City Charitable Fund “Foodbank”.

Special School-Life is the first Ukrainian family-type school for children with disabilities. It facilitates education for those kids who are unable to attend regular schools. The charitable institution also protects its inmates’ rights, provides for their rehabilitation, social adaptation and integration into the society. Over the time of the school’s existence, more than 100 children have already graduated.

We wish inspiration and success to the school’s day-care workers, teachers and students!