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Fashion show "Just Like Me"

Date: 01.06.2018

For the fourth year every summer in hypermarket Auchan (Kiltseva) begins with the beautiful smiles of guests who are immersed in a world of high fashion.

Small fashionistas and models from the social-rehabilitation center "Rodyna" and employees of the Auchan (Kiltseva) on Children's Day presented to the audience with a wide range of clothing from well-known brands of the Spring-Summer 2018. The age range of the models was from 3 to 23 years.

"Such activities help children not only feel happy, but also show an example to other boys and girls who are closed in the four walls in their homes. And healthy children have much to learn from children with special needs. For example, the ability to enjoy life", commented Lyudmila Kaminskaya, employee of the hypermarket AUCHAN (Kiltseva).

The event dedicated to the Children's Day was held at the initiative of Auchan Ukraine and with the support of "RODYNA" NGO, "Cerebral" NGO, "Let’s Improve Children’s Lives" program of the United World Cultures Foundation.

The shows were held earlier, but this time the organizers did an experiment. Organized the show in such way, that the children from the Kyiv State Choreographic School and singers performed on the podium. Thus, and showed talents, and at the same time looked at the new models of clothing.

"When children walk down the catwalk and realize that they are models, stars, and not people with disability, it helps them feel more happy. As it should be all people, well, including from childhood," - said Marina Korovchuk, Alexander’s mother (participant of the show).

First of all, the event aimed to show that all children can equally be talented, with similar desires and a needs in communication.

The host of the event was the famous Kostya Mikhno, and Elena Kobets and Ilona Knyshuk (Charity Fund "United World Cultures") lit the song flashmob on stage, which together with the boys and girls of the Kyiv State Choreographic School arranged a colored extravaganza with the song "We are happy children" (The author of words and music Anatoly Pronak).

The children felt that they needed, they were important and beautiful. Small fashionistas understood that they are admired, and for self-esteem of any person, even healthy, it is very important.

And in the end, everyone gathered a puzzle - they all created a single picture of the separate elements "Just Like Me", which tells about the possibilities of an inclusive society in which people with disabilities are full participants in the educational or entertaining process, in which there are no obstacles for personal development, communication, reverence, tolerance and respect.