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Mercy as a mission

Date: 12.05.2018

It is worth telling how much health care depends on nurses! On May 12, the birthday of the famous Florence Nightingale, International Day of Nurse was proclaimed. And in peacetime, and during the war, Mrs. Nightingale showed high example of mercy, compassion, kindness. Her dedication to the rescue of wounded compatriots during the Crimean War was appreciated by Queen Victoria, who presented her a diamond brooch with the inscription "Blessed is Merciful." On the initiative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Association of Nurses, starting from 1997, the World Nursing Day is celebrated in Ukraine on May 12.

All the necessary procedures lie on the nurses’s shoulders - in time to submit the medicine and measure the temperature, note the changes in well-being and conduct analyzes, make bandages and injections. Such an important work was valued by the international community. On this special day, the United World Cultures Foundation, within the framework of the project “Health Protection of Mother and Child. Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology under the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” charity program «Walking to the Healh Land» brought the bright and joyful moments in the nurses’s souls of the IPOG NAMS.

"It's not easy to work as a nurse, you need to have a professional skills for a nursing staff of a wide profile. Try to be careful, polite and friendly, treat the sick as to your relatives, because you understand that it depends on you how soon the patient will recover. Despite these uneasy nuances of the profession, we managed to keep friendly relationships in the team and create a positive psycho-emotional microclimate, - assured the head of IPOG Lyubov Slepova. - And each of you deserves the best words of gratitude for your work, because you put your soul into your work."

"In addition to medicines, the patient helps and relieves his suffering human sympathy, support, and sometimes just a good smile. Therefore, there are no casual people in this profession", said Olena Kobets, Director of the UWC Foundation during the celebrations. - Thank you for your daily feat - work in the name of our people for the sake of his good."

Many nurses welcomed the nurses with a professional holiday. Festive mood created the musical greetings of the folk ensemble "Pervotsvit" of the Kiev children's art school № 2 named M. Verikivskyi under the direction of Julia Gershtun.

Happy holiday, dear nurses! A low bow to you for your hard work!