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"We are together": the transfer of 12 wheelchairs

Date: November 8, 2018

As long as humanity exists, we all need compassion, mercy, care and understanding. The UWCF charity foundation seeks people’s empathy, willingness to respond to someone’s misfortune, to help, because this is a true manifestation of the moral health of society. Good words and actions are aimed at understanding between people, mutual aid, support for each other.

08.11.2018, at the request of the Bilylivka village council, the action “Special transport for people with disabilities” of the program “Walking to the Health Land” of the United World Cultures Foundation and the International Charity Foundation “Promoting the Development of Medicine” visited the village of Bilylivka to improve the lives of Ukrainians with disabilities and provided 12 wheelchairs for free.

Wheelchairs were handed over by the head of the “Walking to the Health Land” program, Lyudmyla Lysenko: “We and the partners of the International Charity Foundation “Promoting the Development of Medicine” are trying to open roads in this world for people with disabilities; dream and feel happy."

The chairmen of village councils (Bilylivka, Vyshneve, Maryanivka, Vilnopillya, Derganivka, Kordonivka) and families, were already waiting in the Bilylivka village council.

Petro Alexandrovich Semchuk, Head of the Vilnopillya Village Council, took a wheelchair for a low-income family, in which the child (Gumenyuk Andrei Nikolaevich) has a serious congenital disease - a caudal regression. The consequences of this disease are complete or partial paralysis of the legs, problems with the pelvic organs.

Natalya Kozak, Head of the Vyshneve village council, also received a wheelchair for a boy suffering from cerebral palsy. The financial situation of the family leaves much to be better. All family income is spent on medicines for the son, and utilities. A couple of days later we received good news, the family successfully completed the assembling of the wheelchair, and thanked us in a telephone conversation. “Thank you for being there! I didn’t even know where to get money for a new wheelchair for my son, because they cost a lot. And you made such a wonderful gift to Vanya! Thank you for this miracle,” says Oksana, Ivan’s mother. (The name of the mother and son were changed after the request of the parents, the Fund has all documents on the transfer of the wheelchair).

In order to improve the quality of life of older people, the wheelchair was transferred to Nila Sokol from Derganivka village for her paralyzed father after a stroke. Walking in the fresh air will now become more comfortable and regular for their family. And we are waiting for a photo report from their walk in nature.

The truck of the Head of the Bilylivka village council with the program manager traveled for a long time through the villages and handed over wheelchairs at home to those who could not personally come to the village council. They visited the Kupchuk family and handed over the wheelchair to Victor.

According to Paniot Lyudmyla, “handed wheelchairs will help people with disabilities feel better in society.”

The wheelchair was delivered to the new owner of the family. The wheelchair for Viktor Kupchuk was brought home. The old wheelchair had broken, and this was the only chance to walk outside and breathe in the fresh air. The age of the young man is far from being childish, but he remained a child - kind, sincere and inquisitive. Therefore, walking on the street is very important for him.

Wheelchairs are presented to those who need them most of all. Each of these people has their own sad story, but today their eyes shone with embarrassment and happiness: light, compact and reliable wheelchairs will help them to finally get walk on the street.

The action “Special transport for people with disabilities” of the program “Walking to the Health Land” and the International Charity Foundation “Promoting the Development of Medicine” is doing everything possible for people with disabilities have more and more open roads in this world.