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Combined Team of UWCF and Caritas-Spes-Berdiansk Set a Good Example for Kids

Date: April 2020

As part of the campaign “Let’s Unite against the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (COVID-19) and Walk to the Health Land”of the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land”, we have handed over donated pharmaceuticals to Caritas-Spes-Berdiansk Religious Mission of Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia Diocese of the Roman-Catholic Church in Ukraine and municipal institution Territorial Social Service Centre of the Berdiansk District Council in Zaporizhzhia Region. By taking care of elderly people, the team of Caritas-Spes-Berdiansk Religious Mission have showed boys and girls how they should help their grandmas and grandpas during the lockdown. This is not only about teaching kids – it is rather a matter of us, adults, setting a good example to be followed by children.

We need to always remember that we teach children by being their role models, by demonstrating our values in everyday lives, by using appropriate language and tones in our communication, and exercising healthy attitudes towards work and leisure. So if we really love and take care of our kids, let’s learn how to raise them with such values as kindness and help to elders.