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Nice New Wheelchairs for Liuboml Hospital in Volyn Region

Date: February 13, 2020

More than 34,000 patients a year compared to the minimum number of available wheelchairs. There are patients who cannot move on their own in each unit of the Municipal Non-profit Enterprise “Liuboml Territorial Medical Association of the Liuboml District Council”. Doctors explain that there is a catastrophic lack of for transfer devices for patients with various health problems. Children and adults admitted to the hospital should know that wheelchairs are always available to them, and whenever they want to go outside to get some fresh air or see a doctor, they can request a hospital wheelchair.

The campaign “Special Transport for People with Disabilities” of the UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”, together with International Charitable Fund “Contribution to Medicine Development”, stepped in to help the hospital.

We hope that the two new multifunctional wheelchairs will facilitate the work of doctors and help the patients. Liudmyla Lysenko, the campaign’s manager, commented: ”Patients are admitted to the hospital, they need to move about somehow and feel a welcoming attitude. And I think that these wheelchairs are a good ‘vehicle’ for moving around the hospital”.

The medical staff acknowledge the fact that it is impossible to do without wheelchairs in the hospital. “These wheelchairs we need the most, because it is a very necessary transfer device, e.g. for the traumatology department: there are a lot of partially immobile patients with broken limbs” they said. “Using these wheelchairs, the patients will feel much more comfortable”. Volodymyr Dybel, director of the MNE “Liuboml Territorial Medical Association of the Liuboml District Council” commented: “Absolutely all departments of our hospital are in need of such wheelchairs, including the trauma center. Most patients are admitted in a serious condition, elderly patients or children with mobility impairments. Such wheelchairs will make it easier for the personnel to transfer them. If a patient wishes to go outside, they will be able to do it on their own. No matter how big is the budget of a medical institution, it is still insufficient. Therefore, those wheelchairs are highly required and will be used for their intended purpose. We especially need them. Thank you very much for your support and for your sincere and sensitive hearts”.

Any day now the wonderful present will be distributed between those departments of the hospital that are most in need.