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Donor Day

Date: 14.05.2018

On May 14 at the Bogomolets National Medical Univercity charity event "Donor Day" was held. The project was supported by almost fifty students, teachers of the university and the Office of the Patrol Police in Kyiv. This year, it was possible to collect more than 27 liters of blood, which will be sent to help children.

The social event was organized by Shevchenko Regional Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine in Kyiv with the participation and sponsorship of the United World Cultures Foundation, the Health Commission of the Trade Union of Students of the Bogomolets National Medical University and the Office of the Patrol Police in Kyiv with the support of the Kyiv City Blood Center.

The Student Government of the NMU distributed information about the charity event "Donor Day" among students and teachers. Potential donors were examined by doctors who checked their health by passing a rapid blood test, HIV tests, hepatitis B and C, and other diseases. According to medical requirements, the donor must be over 18 years old without chronic diseases and weigh more than 55 kg.

"We hope that the number of people who are not indifferent to the fate of others will increase. After the procedure, they are treated with tea and biscuits and pay a fee, the UWCF Charitable Foundation and the Shevchenko Regional Organization of the Red Cross of Ukraine in Kyiv provided packages with grocery sets. The donors were happy, their blood will save three children's lives", said Ulyana Skorobogataya, Chairman of the Health Committee of the Professorial Committee of Students of NMU.

This year, World Blood Donor Day will again be held around the world and will be coordinated by the World Health Organization, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Blood Transfusion Society and the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations.

"Every year, emergency situations threaten the lives and health of millions people. Over the past decade, disasters have claimed more than 1 million lives. I am grateful to people who save lives and preserve the health of other people by donating their blood", said Natalia Ponomareva, chairman of the Shevchenko regional organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

The goal of this annual event is to attract healthy people to blood donation. Although the need for blood is universal, access to it by those who need it, unfortunately, is not common.

On this Day, the program "Walking to the Health Land" of the UWC Foundation draws attention to the need for regular blood donation to prevent its shortage in hospitals and clinics, especially in countries where the amount of donor blood is extremely limited.

"The need for donor blood arises in people of any age with various serious diseases. Therefore, every donor who donates blood for free makes his invaluable contribution to a good cause – saving lives", said Lyudmila Lysenko, head of the "Walking to the Health Land" program of the UWCF Foundation.

The donor's day has become a manifestation of gratitude to millions of people who save the lives of others by donating blood.