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Ballet as Perfect Art of the Future

What do we associate with ballet? First and foremost, it is elegance, refinement, and grace. This art is rooted in 18th century when Catherine de Medici, an Italian aristocrat interested in arts, married the heir to the French throne Henry II, and brought her great love for dance to France. She became the first patron of ballet. At that time, ballet included, alongside dancing, also dialogues and drama elements. A great length of time has elapsed since then, but ballet still continues being associated with something royal and aristocratic.

Behind exquisite dance costumes, classical melodies, and ballerinas’ smiles, there is tremendous work, life’s passion and wisdom. The world’s most famous ballerinas such as Maya Plisetskaya, Svetlana Zakharova, Matilda Kshesinskaya, have known since their childhood who they wanted to be and step by step they were turning their dream to reality by investing a great deal of effort. The ballerina Ekaterina Maximova once said, “Ballet is not just my profession, it’s also my life”, and she proved it by giving life to the most brilliant stage images.

The ballet’s present is in our own hands. Those who love arts live by the sense of beauty. The UWCF’s team seeks to raise and introduce to the world future ballet stars performing on the global level. This has become a good path for philanthropists and arts patrons to skilfully and professionally support the choreographic art of Ukraine. Audience sees ballet as embodied elegance, ease and gracefulness. In fact, it is everyday grind, a hard and persistent work. It is for a reason that ballet performers typically have a special body posture and an inner sense of beauty.

In view of this, United World Cultures Foundation provides continuous support to the Ukrainian ballet and facilitates its development.