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Головна / Walking to the Health Land Program / Special Transport for People with Disabilities Action

10 wheelchairs for the residents of Mykolaiyvka

Date: November 30, 2018

On November 30, a round table on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities in the city of Mykolayivka of the Slovyansk district (Donetsk region) on in the Library of the Center for Environmental Education was held. It was attended by people with disabilities and their representatives, residents of the city, heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations of the Mykolayivka Community.

Olena Tsykunova – head of the Mykolayivka United Territorial Community, organized a round table meeting to jointly discuss the urgent issues of rehabilitation of children with special needs of the Mykolayivka Community. Children for two years can’t get the necessary medical and psychological help because the Slovyansk Center for Rehabilitation don’t accepts them anymore. The Executive Committee of the Mykolayivka City Council took into account this issue.

Mykolayivka Community (Donetsk region) is constantly working to establish contacts and maintain friendly partnerships with donors – charitable foundations and organizations providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable groups of the population. In particular, within a year, such a partner of the community is the United World Cultures Foundation. At the beginning of 2018, the Center for Primary Health Care and the district hospital received medicines and food from our fund. Lonely citizens of retirement age, the large families with low income, orphans, internally displaced citizens of Ukraine had the opportunity to undergo a summer examination, and at the end of the year to receive free glasses.

“At the request of the Mykolayivka Community on the occasion of the International Day of People with Disabilities, the Special Movement for People with Disabilities campaign was attended by the "Walking To The Health Land" program of the United World Cultures Foundation and the International Charitable Foundation "Promoting the Development of Medicine" to transfer 10 wheelchairs,”- said Lyudmila Lysenko, the head of the program.

Organizers of the charity action "Special transport for people with disabilities" note that it is important not only to bring wheelchairs for people with disabilities, but also to choose the right wheelchair for a specific person with a specific illness.

Thanks to Georgiy Garkusha, coordinator of the social project "Humanitarian Post of Ukraine" for operational assistance in the delivery of ten wheelchairs in the Mykolaiyvka United Territorial Community (Slovyansk district, Donetsk region).

The action "Special transport for people with disabilities" of the program "Walking To The Health Land" of the United World Cultures Foundation and the International Charitable Foundation "Assistance to the Development of Medicine" notes: disability is not a verdict! Practice shows that people with disabilities can and will become full-fledged and highly effective members of society, excellent specialists and even politicians, economists, socially active and life-affirming people who inspire many, including healthy, members of society.