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Elections in the USA: charity of the main candidates

Humanity is watching the election campaign of the two candidates for the leader of the Western world – the representative of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

During the race, the candidates are using all the means to convince voters stand on their side – and one such tool is a charity that generally the norm for any public figure in the Western world, where it is popular and prestigious.

According to estimates of journalists, Donald Trump has a fortune of 10 billion dollars, and often makes statements on active participation in charity.

The recognized ‘The Washington Post’ reports that Trump, who is known as one of the least charitable billionaires in the world, has donated $ 3.8 million to charity. In particular, the publication notes that the candidate has made a donation in May 2016, when he gave $ 1 million to veterans, as promised before.

The Washington Post, in particular, wrote about another promise of the candidate, given nine years ago, when he announced his intention to donate US charities Friends of Israel¸ and this donation was made later through a different person.

Hillary Clinton, despite of more modest personal fortune, is a quite generous philanthropist: since 2001 her family’s The Clinton Foundation has collected more than $ 2 billion. In particular, the Democratic candidate is known for donating most of her fees for lecturing in American universities in 2014 to charity, thus showing an example of conscious behavior of a person who cares about the future of her country.

Some celebrities use their charisma to help Clinton: in April a loud charitable party, arranged by movie actor George Clooney, took place, and the funds raised were donated to the presidential candidate.

Also United States show an example of charity made by ordinary people: the year 2015 was the largest in terms of donations within the country – $ 373 billion was donated to religious organizations, projects in education, social projects, charity foundations, healthcare, human rights protection organizations and others. The abovementioned amount of donations became an all-time record for the USA.