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All-Ukrainian Campaign “Uninvited Guests”: Prevention and Treatment of Pediculosis in Children

Date: December 2020 – February 2021

Pediculosis in children and young people is a quite common and very unpleasant disease; its outbreaks become more frequent when children return home from places of public recreation and begin visiting preschools, schools, residential care centres and the like.

The Charity Fund UWCF, within the framework of the charitable program “Walking to the Health Land”, as part of the project “Our Health Is in Our Hands” together with the Representative office of Sopharma AD in Ukraine, launched the All-Ukrainian campaign “Uninvited Guests”: Prevention and Treatment of Pediculosis in Children (helping children’s homes, neuropsychiatric residential care centres, children’s residential care centres, specialized comprehensive residential schools, rehabilitation centres, family-type homes, children’s sanatoriums, problem families, etc.) in the fight against head lice.

For the treatment of head lice, it is necessary to use only those anti-pediculosis medicines that are authorized by the State Expert Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Sopharma AD in Ukraine offers ways to get rid of such a disease, provides assistance in the form of remedies for head lice and prevention: Hygia Active (hair mask) and Hygia Protect (spray for the prevention of lice infestation).

For the prevention and treatment of pediculosis in children, the All-Ukrainian campaign “Uninvited Guests”, launched by UWCF and the Representative office of Sopharm AD in Ukraine, donated Hygia Active hair mask and Hygia Protect spray, in the amount of UAH 508,405.80, to 55 organisations from almost all regions of Ukraine. This was possible thanks to our partners:

Rodyna Public Organisation of Disabled People, Kyiv

Kryla (“Wings”) Volunteer Association, International Chartable Organisation; International Project “Children of the Desert”

NGO Viriu v Dyvo (“I Believe in a Miracle”), Kyiv

Kyiv City Organisation of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Sviatoshyn District Organisation of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society in Kyiv

Charitable Institution “Special School-Life”, Kyiv

volunteers from Klavdiieve-Tarasove urban-type settlement (Borodianka District of Kyiv Region)

Communal Institution Puhachiv Psychoneurological Treatment and Residential Care Centre located in Berezneve village of Korosten District of Zhytomyr Region (for women suffering from mental retardation at the imbecility stage and Down syndrome of the 3rd and 4th disability categories)

Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Centre (Zhytomyr Region)

Zhytomyr City Children’s Public Organisation Vse Robymo Sami (“We Do It All by Ourselves”)

volunteers of Bilylivka Community (Ruzhyn District of Zhytomyr Region)

“Dobrovita” Charitable Foundation, Dnipro

Dnipro Regional Organisation of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society

Charitable Organisation “You Are Not Alone”

International Charitable Foundation “Be Happy”

NGO “Pereborennia” (“Overcoming”) Avdiivka City Association of People with Disabilities (Avdiivka, Donetsk Region), for residents of Avdiivka, villages of Krasnogorivka, Orlivka and Lastochkyne (Yasynuvata District of Donetsk Region)

Municipal Non-profit Enterprise of Illinivka village council in Kostiantynivka District of Donetsk Region “Primary Health Care Centre” – for low-income and problem families from 25 settlements which are part of the Illinivka United Territorial Community (Kramatorsk District of Donetsk Region)

NGO “Mykolaiv Regional Organisation of Leaders of Youth Self-Government “YOUTH IS THE FUTURE OF THE NATION””

Pediculosis is a disease that is easier to prevent than to overcome its consequences. Remember! Lice spread dangerous infectious diseases.

Take care of yourself and your family! Be careful!