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UWCF continues to provide assistance to the residents of Avdiyivka

Last year "Special transport for people with disabilities" action of the UWCF and the International Charitable Fund "Promotion of the Development of Medicine" has started, aimed to improving the lives of Ukrainians with disabilities.

Wheelchairs are distributing in different parts of Ukraine. This is preceded by the collection of information on the individual needs of people with disabilities.

Nowadays, low-income people from Zhytomyr, Kirovograd, Donetsk regions have received free use of wheelchairs made of high-quality materials and in complicated design for comfort using.

In April 2019, the UWCF "Special transport for people with disabilities" action visited Avdiyivka and handed over ten new wheelchairs to the Public Organization “Avdiyivka City Association of Disabled Persons "Overcoming/Pereborennya".

The information about the charity action was heard by the resident of the front-line Avdiyivka, who appealed to the Public Organization “Avdiyivka City Association of Disabled Persons "Overcoming/Pereborennya" with a request to provide a wheelchair for her parents with disabilities. The UWCF and the ICF "Promoting the Development of Medicine" contacted with sponsors from abroad, which provided an additional five new wheelchairs of the appropriate size. Employees of the organization delivered special transport to Avdiyivka city for people with loss of functions of the musculoskeletal system.

Every person with disabilities was given a wheelchair due to individual sizes. The organizers of the action emphasize that it is important not only to bring equipment for people with disabilities, but also to pick up correctly a wheelchair for a person.