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Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum Collects Challenges and Dreams of Charitable Organizations

Date: 18 February 2020

The Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum (UPF) is the first professional association of charity providers in Ukraine that supports institutional development of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The UPF is a top leader of the broader charitable community that helps bring this vision to life.

On 18 February, at 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum invited all experts who feel involved in building the future of Ukrainian charity and who facilitate the sector’s development, to attend the Future Workshop “Charity: New Decade” hosted by Osvitoria Hub. Liudmyla Lysenko, manager of the UWCF program “Walking to the Health Land”, received an invitation to join the ‘public fundraiser’ group (funding through individual donations covering more than 50% of the annual budget).

All the participants were segmented into 6 groups:

- expert organizations;

- grant-funded charitable organizations (funding through national or international grants covering 50%);

- family/personal charitable foundations;

- public fundraiser charitable organizations (funding through individual donations covering more than 50% of the annual budget);

- corporate charitable organizations (funding through budgets of business entities covering more than 50%);

- network charitable organizations/associations/platforms.

The charity sector is quite diverse, and there is a variety of stakeholders operating. The Future Workshop method has been initially created to address complicated problems.

Through criticizing the contemporary conditions and identifying specific needs and expectations, the Future Workshop participants tried to develop a common understanding of what the Ukrainian charity sector would look like in the next decade. All insights developed by the groups will be consolidated and serve as a basis for further analysis of processes and activities expected for the sector in the future. The analysis will be particularly useful in developing governmental charity policies and in forging public opinions.

The Future Workshop method was developed by Robert Jungk and Norbert Muellert 50 years ago.

Originally, the key thought behind this method is that ideas and strategies of the future should be created by the community instead of just one person. The authors combined the involvement of critical groups, creative approaches to solutions, and group synergies in generating alternative options in the development of today’s world.

“In Europe, there are more than 100,000 charitable organizations on record, we have approximately 18,000 – and most of them show up only from time to time, proving to be one-day foundations created only for election periods or organizations established with ambitious missions but incapable of surviving at the market due to their poor management. This suggests, there is one charitable organization per 2,500 people. In Ukraine, we don’t have any other open databases on philanthropy, except the Ukrainian Charity Map, which unfortunately is also far from being complete in terms of its scope and criteria used to analyse collected information. For example, GivingBalkans.org database collects data from several Balkan countries in one place. It offers data on donors, beneficiaries, donation purpose, as well as the country and time of each donation. The platform’s team believe that this kind of data is needed not only by fundraisers but also by mass media, CSR departments of businesses, and private investors. Many thanks to the event’s organizers for their hospitality, professionalism, and opportunities”, recaps Liudmyla Lysenko.