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Our UWCF team stands on guard of children’s health

Date: March 2020

Another flu epidemic has spread all over Ukraine, and the number of patients with influenza and ARVI grows. According to the Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health, more than 150 children have been hospitalized in Kyiv and Kyiv Region.

In order to protect babies from various infections, ailments and viruses, the project “Our Health Is in Our Hands” of UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”, together with Indian Herbs, SHIV-MEDFARM, handed over Ayurvedic medicines to families with children: Bronchovid syrup, fluid (natural expectorant decongestant for cold and flu, with cardamom flavor, honey and lemon flavors) and Nephrovid syrup.

“It’s better to prevent infections in children than treat them later,” commented Varvara, a UWCF volunteer from Piskivka urban-type settlement, Borodianka District of Kyiv Region.

UWCF provides regular help to low-income families, and such families in Klavdiieve-Tarasove urban-type settlement (Borodianka District of Kyiv Region) have recently received the Ayurvedic medicines. Also, the preparations were donated to the medical unit of the Pokrovsky Convent: for those needy and sick people without permanent residence who regularly come to the monastery seeking for help.


Influenza is a very difficult period for children, because it affects them more than adults. The question of how to protect a child from viruses becomes urgent again. As we know, the disease is always better to prevent than cure. Adequate preventive measures of colds minimize the likelihood of becoming infected with pathogenic viruses.

“We should stay calm and unite. Challenges can only be overcome through cooperation. Coordination of the actions of responsible citizens is required now more than ever to counteract the spread of coronavirus. Together with your immediate environment – family, friends and society – make an action plan of how you will resist the disease. Our charity fund takes care of children, because children are the most important thing we have. The team of UWCF’s project “Walking to the Health Land” and Shiv Med Pharm Shivmed are doing their best to meet their needs for education, health care, leisure and, most importantly, a happy and joyful childhood. Dear Mr. Rathi Manish, let us express our sincere gratitude for your generous contribution! Your support indicates that you perfectly understand today’s economic problems and prefer not to stay away from the problems of others. Thanks to such kind-hearted people like you, we have helped multi-child families, orphans, families who found themselves in desperate straits in Kyiv and Kyiv Region. Our volunteers visit those families, give them the medications and send us their photo reports,” commented Liudmyla Lysenko, manager of UWCF’s program “Walking to the Health Land”.