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Psoriasis in Children and Teenagers

Date: April 2020

In Ukraine, there are more than one and a half million people suffering from psoriasis. Most of their lives, they have to constantly fight the disease symptoms and its dangerous complications.

Over the recent years, the number of people with this disease has noticeably grown and the affected age group has become much younger. Psoriasis can develop in teenagers, pre-schoolers, and even in babies. These trends are primarily the effects of our modern lifestyles. We are exposed to stress, virus diseases, low-quality and irregular nutrition, environmental pressures, and the fast pace of our everyday lives.

As part of the charitable program “Walking to the Health Land” and the project “Our Health Is in Our Hands”, United World Cultures Foundation together with Indian Herbs, SHIV-MEDFARM, have been taking care of families from Kyiv Region, Kyiv and Zhytomyr for three years now and just recently have taken up three more families from NGO Pereborennia (“Overcoming”) Avdiivka City Association of People with Disabilities, Avdiivka, Donetsk Region, that raise children and teenagers suffering from the incurable disease – psoriasis.

“In Ukraine, the situation with the psoriasis statistics is challenging because different sources give different information. Everything I have found and averaged (because, as I have mentioned before, the indicators vary significantly) suggests that the number of children affected by the disease is approximately 8,000”, summarized Liudmyla Lysenko, manager of the program “Walking to the Health Land”.

Psoriasis is incurable but it can still be kept under control throughout the patient’s life provided that there is proper monitoring over the disease progress and compliance with professional recommendations.