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Psoriasis Can Be Successfully Kept Under Control

Date: 2019

For some reason, the immune system gives the wrong signals to the cells of the upper layers of the skin and they begin to divide intensively, forming flake-like deposits. At the same time, cells divide more often, but live less – that’s where skin peeling comes from.

Doctors have no idea what causes psoriasis. Most likely, this is a genetic disease, but there are other risk factors, among which are neuropsychic stresses. Emotional upheavals, stresses become the psoriasis triggers.

This pathology cannot be completely cured; however, this disease can be successfully controlled throughout life!

For the third year in a row, within the framework of charity program “Walking to the Health Land” as part of the project “Our Health Is in Our Hands”, Charity Fund UWCF has been helping the patients with psoriasis in Kyiv Region, together with Indian Herbs (SHIV-MEDPHARM) company, which once a year provides free Ayurvedic natural cream for psoriasis SoriCure®. SoriCure® skin cream effectively eliminates itching, redness, inflammation and skin peeling, promotes the rapid healing of ulcers and wounds, reduces the cell division rate, tones the skin, improves blood circulation, and promotes the cellular epidermis renewal.

“Many thanks to Charity Fund UWCF and Mr. Rathi Manish for the free course of SoriCure® creams that I have been using for a year. It is nice to know and feel your support, your help. Finding myself in a very difficult financial situation, I could not afford to buy expensive creams, I was very nervous. UWCF’s team, you are the best! You gave me peace of mind, returned to my usual way of life. SoriCure cream has changed my appearance and made me feel self-confident again”, - telephoned a happy young woman from Kyiv Region, expressing her gratitude.

According to the Ukrainian Association of Psoriasis, there are approximately one and a half million patients with psoriasis in the country. Of these, only about 90-100 thousand are registered, and the rest either receive medical care in private clinics, or are not treated at all.

In the last decade, an increase in the incidence of psoriasis is observed among primary school children. This disease is now found in infants and even in newborn.

Take care of your beauty and health. Stick to a healthy lifestyle.