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Psoriasis: The Most Mysterious Disease in Children and Teenagers

Date: January 2020

As a part of the charity program “Walking to the Health Land” and the project “Our Health Is in Our Hands”, United World Cultures Foundation together with Indian Herbs, SHIV-MEDFARM, has started 2020 with a good cause.

As you may know, for three years, we have been taking care of families from Kyiv Region and Kyiv city, whose young and teen-age children suffer from an incurable disease – psoriasis. We help them keep this disease under control. Psoriasis treatment takes a lot of patience for the patient and means a lot of costs for his or her parents.

In the new year, our team of the project “Our Health Is in Our Hands” and Indian Herbs, SHIV-MEDFARM, have selected two more families from Zhytomyr that will receive a free of charge six-month dosing of SoriCure® cream from Indian Herbs, SHIV-MEDFARM.

Psoriasis in children is a tough experience for both them and their parents. Unlike regular children’s diseases that are curable, you cannot get rid once and for all of autoimmune diseases like this one. Doctors mostly try to manage psoriasis symptoms in children by using external means.

Psoriasis can develop in any person, irrespective of sex, age, nationality, or presence of other diseases, and can occur at any age – from one’s birth to declining years.

It is well known that a good start is half the work. We are doing our best so that the beginning of the New Year could bring good luck and health to Zhytomyr’s young Cossacks. SoriCure® cream for treating psoriasis in children is absolutely safe. It helps effectively fight the disease without any side effects, and stops its symptoms such as dry cracked skin with itching and redness. The cream is great for everyday use and effective treatment of psoriasis in children. SoriCure® cream differs from other medicines due to its unique composition.

Parents in the two families have chosen an appropriate treatment approach and, from now on, we will manage psoriasis in their children with joint efforts. When the disease enters the remission phase, with no apparent cause, every human body starts living in its own cycles. Thanks to regular observations, it is possible to identify those factors that trigger inflammation, and select the most suitable and efficient treatment therapy for children’s psoriasis. One of them is the natural ayurvedic cream SoriCure® for psoriasis problem.

Parents address their heartfelt thanks to United World Cultures Foundation and Indian Herbs, SHIV-MEDFARM.