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Charity Foundations in the United Arab Emirates

Assistance to socially vulnerable groups and those in need is highly respected in society and worthy of every praise. However, there are people for whom providing aid and relief is a professional duty. They are founders of charitable and social funds classified as non-commercial organizations that generate no profits from their activities. Such foundations are not primarily targeted at profit-making but rather at fulfilling their mission of helping the needy.

In our today’s society, charitable efforts are particularly important as numerous social inequalities can be found in all parts of the world. Charitable organizations typically offer help by giving material values to beneficiaries on a free of charge basis. Noteworthy, for setting up and registering a foundation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you have to fix upon its respective purposes and functions.

As for the official paperwork needed, a foundation is incorporated as a legal entity and basically acts as an intermediary between the benefactor and the beneficiary. However, any foundation needs money to conduct its activities. For this reason, foundations have the right to use a portion of funds for own needs such as payroll, purchase of various equipment, vehicles, lease fees and utilities, etc.

Of note, social and charitable foundations enjoy various state benefits, which highly facilitates their work.

Speaking of the UAE, we need to mention that the state by all means stimulates improvements in the conditions for setting up and running charitable and social funds. The most striking instance for this is the opening of Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Initiated by Dubai Emirate, Dubai Aid City Free Zone has been opened to be the most favourable place for starting a charitable or social foundation, both in the UAE and worldwide.

Opening and registration of a foundation in Dubai Aid City offers opportunities not only to perform charity activities, but also to regularly receive assistance from governmental institutions. This free zone has been launched under the patronage of the UAE Government and designed to facilitate rapid delivery and handling of humanitarian aid cargoes.

The innovative infrastructure provides outstanding facilities for conducting charity activities.