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From success in sports to victories in life

Date: 2018, October

The popularity of the sports movement among children with special needs is growing.

It’s already month since boxing lessons “Strength of Spirit” of the charity project “Active Leisure” in the Social Rehabilitation Center “Rodyna” has been took place.

“Our task is to pull children and young people with special needs out of apartments, from mothers, from various fears and begin to attract them in physical culture through the system of sports events since early age. To bring them back to life, make them believe in themselves, feel equal in society,” summed up the coach and curator of the “Active Leisure project” Valentina Logvinenko.

There are must be a tandem during the work with children and young people: the parents, the desire and work of the child and the coach.

At first, little Nastya adapted to classes, to the coach. A month of training, self-confidence, family support, friends and hard work gave results. Together with her friend Natalia, they jointly invent interesting exercises, and are no longer so capricious, because they overcame the natural fear and indecision that were in their first classes.

“I want to say to all young people who have health problems, do not hesitate to do this, go in for sports. Come to our classes, together with the coach, we will select the best option. We have fun, sports, it is much more better than within the four walls of the house,” comments Natalia Samsonova.

UWCF together with Natalia gives a signal that YOU also can do this!