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Date: October 25, 2018

At the initiative of the “Active leisure” charitable project of the "Lets Improve Children’s Lives" program at “Dzherelo” holiday centre (Pushcha-Vodytsia, Kyiv Region), a free boxing section "Strength of Spirit" was launched, where little friends from Donbas (who are temporarily accommodated there) came and plunged into a fascinating world of martial arts.

The doors were opened to everyone who wants to try. The program includes: physical activity, pairs and training with paws.

There were already 9 visitors at the first training session. Boxing classes will be held on Thursday from 15:00 pm. We plan to attract to sports activities as many children as possible. Gradually, each athlete develops new techniques, refines the technique and achieves new levels of training. Well, finally - it's just cool! Every lesson is a small victory on the way to great achievements," said Lyudmila Lysenko, Program Manager of the United World Cultures Foundation.

"The slogan of our lessons will be such a statement -" in order to have good health, it is necessary to take care of it". I’m going to bring children of different ages to the sports art, and also special classes will be held for the youngest. In addition to the physical component, boxing is also a work on self-confidence, mistakes and weaknesses. Boxing training includes not only the development of sparring techniques, the setting of the legs and the correct position of the body. In the process of training, the athlete develops the heart muscle and respiratory system. Only strong people choose boxing, become stronger with us!", - noted the coach and curator of the Active Leisure project, UWCF volunteer – Valentyna Logvinenko.