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UWCF at Arsenal Of Ideas - 2018

Date: 2018, September 28-29

For the fourth time, the National Cultural-artistic Complex and Museum “Mystetskyi Arsenal” organizes a creative space, which combines the creativity of children and adults, scientific innovations, modern educational programs and experimentation. From 26 to 30 of September, all inquisitive kids and their parents spent their weekend with advantage.

One of the priorities of the festival is its desire for inclusiveness, so during the festival, activities are available for children and adults with disabilities.

The theme of the festival "If I was something / someone / somewhere" demonstrates a variety of possible experiences - from bodily to professional. The space of the festival included three main thematic groups: Space, Body, and Activities.

For the second time the United World Cultures Foundation joined the festival and within the framework of the thematic group "Body" organized educational workshops for the first medical aid "Cardiopulmonary resuscitation" for children and interactive lessons "Organism is a Small Universe". Kids are always interested "what's inside?". At the classes, they not only received answers to their questions, but they also were able to see and touch a real 3D model of the human body, guess the riddles, listen to interesting facts about our body.

By the Fund's invitation, the festival could visit children from Fisochenko’s family-type orphanage, it was their first trip to Arsenal.

We are so gratefull to our volunteers - students of the Faculty of Pediatrics National Medical Bogomolets’ Univercity - Vavshkevych Anastasia, Doroshchuk Elizaveta, Komandenko Artem and Naumenko Ivan! Perhaps your interesting lessons will inspire young visitors and in the future they will save somebody's life!

An important part of the Arsenal of Ideas is the III FORUM OF NEW EDUCATION - an open space where children are main participants of the event, and adults have the opportunity to listen to their opinions and help to translate into reality for the sake of a new future. Can children build an educational trajectory by themselves? Do they have the right to make a mistake? What, according to adolescents, should be changed in the system of secondary education? The forum gave an opportunity to hear opinions, identify the intellectual and emotional needs of children, together with them and representatives of the expert environment to discuss the new opportunities that exist in school and extra-curricular educational systems and can be used today.

Without a doubt, the festival provides a good opportunity to get new knowledge and skills and be heard. Isn’t this the most valuable thing in the modern world?