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Sports – strength, courage and endurance

Date: 07.09.2018

All supporters of a healthy lifestyle on the second Saturday of September celebrate the Day of Physical Culture and Sports. The charitable project "Active Leisure" of the program "Let’s Improve Children’s Lives" pays much attention to the sports development of children.

To the holiday we decided to start the boxing section "Strength of the Spirit" in the social and rehabilitation center "Rodyna", because the Center is a big friendly family, supporters of physical culture and an active lifestyle.

"As in life - in sports, in order to reach the top, we need persevering, tireless work, because there are ups and downs... But the way is overcome by the going and does not give up, he who is strong in spirit. In the social-rehabilitation center "Rodyna" children are already winners, they just need to add a bit of determination and confidence," said Lyudmila Lysenko, program and projects manager of the United World Cultures Foundation.

Boxing is an excellent training, perhaps the most difficult of all sports. It requires speed, agility, endurance. Boxing makes children as alive as possible, restrained in defeat and incredibly brilliant in victory. He releases a real fighter who sits somewhere far in the middle of each child.

The first lesson was in a friendly, relaxed, fun atmosphere. Our section can be visited by children of different ages – said trainer Valentyna Logvinenko.

Boxing is a great option for little fighters. He disciplines, negative energy remains in the hall. The child simply will not have the strength or the desire to wave his fists in the yard and at school. After several trainings, you will notice that the child has become more self-confident, easier to converge with peers, adapts to society. Yet the section is one big team where children communicate, support each other. This can’t be compared with gadgets: smartphones and other benefits of civilization.

And remember, no one forces you to prepare an Olympic champion. But the child must develop physically and psychologically. And boxing is great for that.