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Sport gives children with disabilities self-confident

Date: 11.08.2018

They are the same as us. They can love, succeed, dream. People with intellectual and physical defects, patients with oligophrenia in the stage of imbecility, with Down syndrome for many centuries were deprived of normal life. And finally, society has realized that gene pathology does not make them worse. Inclusive education is already works in Ukraine. However, our society still needs to learn to perceive other people as equal, to give them the opportunity to self-fulfillment.

Love and care, good attitude of people around can make these children a full-fledged member of society.

On August 11, employees of the UWCF and volunteers from detdom.info, for the first time conducted physical education classes for pupils of the Pugachiv Psychoneurological Boarding School Orphanage.

"It all began with the Family-Inclusive Festival "Just Like Me” where I met a girl with Down syndrome. In her life there is very little of sport activities, and I suggested to start dealing with her boxing. Children with Down syndrome are naturally weaker, have problems with coordination and reaction. My lessons help her to become stronger and more assembled. Therefore I decided to try once a month to conduct classes for girls from the Pugachiv Psychoneurological Orphanage", says Valentyna Logvinenko, curator of the “Active Leisure” project, a UWCF volunteer and a boxing coach for the “Power of Spirit” Club for children with disabilities.

The children did simple exercises. There were those who did not listen at all in the beginning of classes, someone did not go out but it was obvious that they were trying.

"Initially, the idea of such classes caused some concern for volunteers, boxing fairly tough sport. But we have eliminated the fight - and the classes with the elements of boxing perfectly serve the goals of physical development and socialization. Our Tonya, who does not speak at all, looked at the class for a long time, and then took the volunteer's hand and showed that she want to be with the group where the girls are engaged. The child had so much joy that she had the gloves and did some exercises. A lesson in such a serious sport as boxing helps children not only to become physically stronger but also to be more confident”, says Oksana Zolotukhina, curator of detdom.info.

It is known that children and adults with mental features of can achieve significant results in sports. Involvement of them in a physically active way of life contributes to their socialization, helps to develop discipline, skills, communication, and strengthens health.

Let's change life of children with disabilities!