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Happy children - happy UWCF

Date: september 2018

"The best way to make children good is to make them happy," - said Oscar Wilde.


According to the PLAN OF ACTIONS in 2018, the charitable project "Active leisure" of the program "Let's improve children’s lives" bought tickets for children to their active volunteers of the Fund in advance, to the playground "Jungle" in the shopping center Dream Town1.

“Jungle” Children's Playground is created to make chidren’s dreams come true. Kids, it's important to move a lot to drown your energy, and so many parents have agreed to reduce children to the playground. Co-workers of the UWCF Charity Foundation smiled together with their parents.

To the question what they liked the most, they say that everything!

Trampoline is very useful for children’s organizm. Jumping on these designs strengthens the heart, blood vessels. In addition, such classes positively denoted on the stomach, intestine, posture, vestibular apparatus. This way, children entertain themselves in the gaming center with the benefits.

The children were delighted with the event and were thanked for free tickets.