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Summer activities for children from Donbass

Date: 2018, April

Summer is in full swing and you can do so many interesting and fun things: eat ice cream, ride a bike all day long, go for a walk with friends from morning till evening. In summer children have a great opportunity to get a charge of health, positive emotions, new impressions for the entire academic year.

The charitable project "Active leisure" of the program "Let’s Improve Children’s Lives" of the United World Cultures Foundation bought the tickets to "Jungle” playground at the Dream Town shopping center for the friends from Donbass who live in boarding house "Dzherelo" in Puscha-Vodytsya.

Curator of the “Active Leisure” project, UWCF’s volunteer Valentina Logvinenko organized and attracted children to a variety of sports activities using sporting equipment.

It is extremely important to induce love for sport activities from the childhood, it will help to maintain good health. Yoga and boxing are perfect solution for this, and they are also great way to calm down.

"As is well known - sport is a guarantee of health, but the child does not have enough motivation, and, so-called, sports passion appears during the game. The yoga exercises gives the opportunity to direct energy to the development of attention, memory, hearing, vision, ability to concentrate, etc. Every sport has its own age. However, every year there are new, progressive training programs, and therefore many kinds of sports significantly "younger". Often, children start boxing at the age of 6 and 7. It can not be denied that boxing develops the child's useful qualities such as courage, persistence in overcoming difficulties, determination and self-control, the speed of reaction.

In addition, boxing is a way for eliminating the emotional stress and anger characteristic of the teenage period of life. But I support the opinion of medicine specialists, who believe that it is better to start boxing lessons from 9-10 years", - commented Valentina Logvinenko, curator of “Active Leisure” program, UWCF’s volunteer.

Let this day be remembered by the children like a day, full of fun entertainments!