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Day of boxing in Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Home

Date: October 27, 2018

Recently, in Nova Borova Children’s Residential Care Home, in the framework of “Active Leisure” charity project, together with volunteers of detdom.info an organized day of sports and health for pupils of this institution was held. The youth was divided into two groups – the older and younger. And the older group was lucky: they had their first boxing lesson. Children were so excited that they almost missed lunch!

There girls of the II disability group (psycho-neurological abnormalities, diagnosed with “oligophrenia in the imbecility stage”) in the institution. The girls showed childlike spontaneity, curiosity, delight, they were looking forward to the queue for boxing gloves.

And the coach teaches and shows how to bandage his hands. “Protection of hands against injuries depends largely on the equipment of the boxer. Boxing gloves should be measured only with bandaged hands. At first, their hand will feel constrained, but then it will get used, because the gloves will gradually take the form of a hand. So we insure against fractures and dislocations,” - Valentyna Logvinenko, the curator of the Active Leisure project, a UWCF volunteer and a boxing coach of “Strength of Spirit” Club for children with disabilities.

Diligence and zeal with which the pupils performed simple tasks flared up with undisguised joy.

According to the Residential Care Home workers opinion, boxing will be the subject of discussion among girls for a long time, a source of positive emotions and an incentive for physical education.