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What pupils of the orphanage can learn through the sport

Date: 12/25/2018

Once again, in Nova Borova Psychoneurological Orphanage, in Zhytomyr region, in the framework of the charity project “Active Leisure” of the program “Let’s Improve Children Lives”, a boxing lesson for the pupils of this institution was held.

Most of the students of the orphanage, with their individual characteristics, cannot learn how to read and write, but at the same time they develop creative skills: they draw, sing, dance, and now they also go in for sports.

Boxing is a type of martial arts and a great tool for training the body and soul. Regular exercises of this wonderful sport develop a good reaction, precise coordination of movements, physical strength and endurance of the body in a person.

“I am pleased to see how many energetic, active girls come to me for becoming real boxers. It's great when you can do your favorite business, that you can direct your energy into an extremely useful thing. Many children come to me. And I do not refuse anyone. I give everyone a chance to reach their potential,” says Valentyna Logvinenko, curator of the Active Leisure project, a volunteer at the UWCF Charitable Foundation and the box teacher in “Strength of Spirit” club for children with disabilities.

Coordination exercises remain the most difficult for girls. At the same time, following the work of your arms and legs and still interacting with another person is not easy task.

“Does sport help you or maybe it bothers you a little bit?” “Boxing helps me psychologically, because I become more confident,” answers Alexandra, a student of the orphanage.

Regular training allows achieve impressive results - both for the body and for self-esteem. Classes increase self-confidence and relieve stress.

“They are so eagerly awaiting boxing classes. They love to travel very much - it’s a new experience of communication, more friends and positive emotions,” told the guests Lyudmila Ivanivna, deputy director of the orphanage.

On this high note, we leave the Nova Borova Psychoneurological Orphanage, where girls waiting for next boxing classes and starting to celebrate New Year holidays.