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A cart of books to Avdiyivka from UWCF

Date: 2018, March

Treasury of spiritual wealth is a book that combines the past and the present. The book is able to change life, be a better friend and mentor. No wonder people say that no one was born wise, but learned from books.

All methods are suitable for the popularization of reading, one of them is reading in children's institutions. For example, in Germany, social services inform charitable organizations about families who can’t buy enough books for reading and once a year such families receive books. This happens during a week of reading. The meeting happens at places, where it is usually difficult for children to get to: banks, universities. During these readings families gets books. One more interesting way of attracting children to reading - when older students read for younger children. This is a great idea, small children see the example of older schoolchildren and this makes them want to learn how to read. There is not financial support in such projects by German government, charitable organizations have to look for sponsors and philanthropists.

Unfortunately, due to limited budgetary funding, pre-school educational institutions and schools are not able to replenish their funds with new books and periodicals. To ensure that culture of reading today was not in risk, at the beginning of the year the United World Cultures Foundation launched the action “A cart of books to Kindergarten” which is already gaining insane speed and aims to cover all the regions of Ukraine. And at the moment the fund has transferred books to kindergartens and schools of the city of Avdiyivka, Donetsk region.

"Often we hear from adults that today children do not like to read that new technologies attract them - it's not so. The transfer of children's books to the Avdiyivka preschool institutions and schools testifies that children really love and want to read," said Ludmila Lysenko (representative of the United World Cultures Foundation).

Another fascinating moment of the action "A cart of books to Kindergarten" will be the participation of famous artists, athletes, journalists - reading for children "Visiting the book". Follow our news, it will be interesting. After all, only reading nation can be an intellectual and spiritually rich!