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Instill a sense of style in the child

Date: 14.12.2017

It's never too late or too early to start taking care of the appearance of a child. In order to make the child look stylish, to emphasize his personality, to give accuracy and style to the look, and at the same time to ensure a good mood, the United World Cultures Foundation together with the masters of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing Art held the "Happy Comb" campaign within the "Let's improve children's lives" charitable program for parents and children of the organizations "We Are Together - Community of Special Families", Group for the provision of social day care services for children with disabilities and Social rehabilitation center "Rodyna".

Special children, like ordinary ones, have to be beautifully and fashionably dressed, their haircut should be nice. Correctly selected haircut can smooth out the features of the personality and the shape of the head that children have. Of course, people react to a pretty child in a completely different way: they do not have feelings of pity for him and his parents, because they see that everything is fine!

Despite the constant increase in the number of beauty salons, hairdressers and haircuts for children, the parents of special children tend to cut their hair at home on their own, because they are denied in many salons because those have a fear of harming the child.

We know firsthand that, as a rule, special children do not like to get a haircut, they are frightened by the hum of a hair-cutting machine and even the manipulation of ordinary scissors, besides, the kids are terribly unpredictable. To create beautiful hairstyles for girls and boys, the hairdresser should not only do everything quickly and masterly, but also be a kind of psychologist who can find contact with the child, relieve fear of a stranger, and "conjure" over his hairstyle. Students-hairdressers get along with children perfectly and give the hair the necessary shape, eliminating the split ends quickly and accurately.


The teaching staff of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing Art and the staff of the United World Cultures Foundation jointly hold talks with barber students and tell them how to find a common language with a special child and their parents. A true master always knows how to draw a child into something interesting and calmly finish his work.

"When children come into the hall, hairdressers and stylists and representatives of the Foundation meet them with toys and greetings: "Hello, my friend! Hello Princess!" They think for a moment... and then come up, take toys, we play for a while, read books, show hairdresser's tools ... so our acquaintance begins. Maybe they feel a good attitude, or maybe it's just their character, but we easily get along. If the parents have not brought gadgets with them, the hairdressers took out their phones with favorite cartoons for every age to keep children in front of the screen, so they could quietly do their job," says Lyudmila Lysenko, a curator of the "Happy comb" campaign of the United World Cultures Foundation.

Hairdressers will find the appropriate image for your child, they will choose a haircut, and if the girl's hair is long, they will advise what hair to wear. Also they will choose stylish and modern hairstyles for parents. Many parents do not even suspect how many hairstyles for children our hairdressers know. Their variety will help choose the most suitable haircut. Let's not forget that children actively copy the style of parents, so parents should look good to become an example for their child.

"Something is worth considering when you are taking a child to get a haircut. It is important to choose the time to not violate the regime. For example, in the morning, after sleep. The child should not be hungry, but just in case, take a small snack. Do not forget, of course, about the juice or water, and also put in your purse his favorite toy, a book or what can keep the kid busy during a haircut, although the UWCF provides a variety of toys, but sometimes you can get along faster when the child has his own favorite toy. Although the masters work quickly, but for the kids it is very long. It is also desirable to have an extra shirt with you. Sometimes, the kid flatly refuses to put on a cloak. In this case, the clothes after the haircut must be changed," advises Daria Pavlova, a master teacher at the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing Art.

If you want to instill a sense of style in your child, then professional hairdressers of the Kyiv Academy of Hairdressing Art and the "Merry Scallop" campaign of the UWCF are those who you can turn to!