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Delicious breakfasts for UWCF’s partners

Date: October-November, 2018

Again and again employees of the "United World Cultures Foundation" received charitable assistance from our partners KCCF "Food Bank" - vermicelli "Mivina" with strawberries and banana taste, TUC cracker and chewing gum.

The Kyiv City Charity Fund "Food Bank" ensures the flow of food products to vulnerable groups of the population, thus fulfilling the goals of fighting with hunger, malnutrition.

Now tasty breakfasts and casseroles for children are provided!

Charity assistance has been received:

Severodonetsk regional children's antituberculosis sanatorium – is engaged in the fields of pediatrics, diagnostics and pulmonology. The facility operates around the clock and is designed for 75 children from 3 to 10 years: middle group (3-4 years), senior (5-6 years) and elementary school students (grades 1-4) – 10 boxes of vermicelli and 10 boxes of TUC cracker.

Charitable institution "Special School-Life", where children with an autistic spectrum of development and similar violations of the emotional and volitional sphere (on the whole, the school unites 120 families) is being rehabilitated – 10 boxes of vermicelli.

Illinyvska United Territorial Community of Konstantinyvskiy district, Donetsk region, which cares of low-income families with many children, people with disabilities, elderly people - community members – 10 boxes of vermicelli.

And a as pleasant bonus for cheerful children's master classes, which conducted by our partners – volunteers from the “Social Harmony” NGO became a fruit chewing gum “Dirol”.

We sincerely thank KCCF "Food Bank" for the care of the smallest members of our society!