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We need to think about our future in advance

Date: september 2018

The sun is still shining in the street, but autumn reminds of itself with rain, and sometimes with real downpours. The program "Let's Improve Children’s Lives" selects a wardrobe for boys and girls today, because we need to think about future in advance. Things are not new, but in good condition. They were handed over in Kyiv by the fundraisers of the UWCF, among them Julia Belskaya.

"Rising prices, insecurity in the future cause a significant deterioration in living conditions for most families," said Lyudmila Lysenko, program and project manager of the UWCF.

The United World Cultures Foundation always tries to help those who are in trouble, namely large families, low-income and crisis families, as well as families of internally displaced people from the east of Ukraine.

Local residents of the village Klavdievo - Tarasovo of the Kyiv region, who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, could come and choose their own free clothes from the volunteer of the Fund Oksana Markevich. Also, those families who have minimal incomes and who are currently experiencing a crisis situation counted on support.

"People who do not have the opportunity to buy shoes, warm clothes, can take it for free. And families that can’t come to choose clothes, I collect separately for the appropriate size of the family. This is a necessary initiative," - says the volunteer of the fund Oksana Markevich.

In addition, the Charity Fund "United World Cultures" handed over children's clothes to a large family from little town - Vasilkovka (Dnepropetrovsk region). Nikulin’s family raice boys, Vova and Vitalik, and the daughter Nastya, and soon family is waiting for the replenishment.