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Giving happiness to the child

Date: 25.11.2017

What can be more beautiful than the child's sincere joy. About the socialization of children with disabilities (adapting them to life among others) today says a very, very much. And we can say with confidence - the joy of a child's life with health problems depends, first of all, on people who are not indifferent to another's misfortune, who are simply and unselfishly ready to rise at 5:00 am and make happy with a happy smile and the arms of a child.

Recently, the Pugachivsky orphanage was once again visited by the staff of the United World Cultures Foundation, volunteers from detdom.info and the volunteer movement from the Korosten, Zhytomyr region. Were brought as always goodies for every child - it's marshmallows and bananas, also purchased diapers, which are so necessary for girls.

"To surround children with attention, immerse oneself in a benevolent atmosphere, create a game space that awakens fantasy and thinking - all this helps sick children feel needed in this world - these are the purposes of our trips," says Anastasia Bogdanyuk, volunteer detdom.info.

For the majority of pupils of the Pugachivsky orphanage (for girls who are ill with oligophrenia in the stage of imbecility, Down's disease, for children deprived of parental care, orphans), the entire bright and colorful world of fun and entertainment remains beyond the real. They learn to navigate and learn life only by sounds, smells and touches, because they are limited in movement.

Director of the boarding house Lesya Bronislavovna Petrenko does not hide the joy. "You can not even imagine what emotions you give girls when you meet! she says. "After all, for many children with severe disabilities of vision, speech, and locomotor system, it is so important to know that friends come to them. The internal harmony, the emotional state of the child is restored, it all contributes to physical and psychological rehabilitation, the pupils are shown independence, a social connection is formed, aesthetic needs are met."

These children also have their own dreams. True, somewhat different than that of ordinary children. For example, learn to sit, talk, move independently, with some girls, a dream to go again on an excursion to Kyiv.

"Those things that adults seem to us to be banal for, the pupils from the boarding home will remember for months. Bright colors, funny games, funny songs - all this raises the mood, gives pleasure. Girls are very different - some gentle princesses, other restless robbers, little actresses or neat housewives. With the help of our embraces, caresses, pupils achieve significant success in development, because it is no less important than drugs, procedures, caring care. We ask everyone to participate in trips, the trips improve the psychological and social well-being of children," Oksana Zolotukhina, curator of detdom.info, calls to join the trips.

A child with disabilities needs the most important thing - emotional support, to be loved and accepted as he is, with his problems and difficulties. These are the same children who need caress and care.

"There is a stereotype that children with disabilities suffer and suffer. But not all children feel physical pain, and not everyone even understands that something is wrong with them. And therefore, if they are friends with them, the children will feel protected. They will enter the world exactly as they are: with motor disabilities, with intellectual and speech impairments, with hearing and vision defects. But without our support and love this is hardly possible. In our country, people with disabilities in recent years have become easier: the attitude of the younger generation to the less mobile citizens is changing. The United World Cultures Foundation invites to join the trips of students, students and all not indifferent,"- invites Lyudmila Lysenko, the head of programs.

Children, especially those with disabilities, should receive positive emotions and the more they are, the better!

Join, dear reader, to trips once a month to the village of Bereznevoe, Korosten district, Zhytomyr region, Pugachevsky orphanage.